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The Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Combining Smooth Performance and Security

Are you in Washington DC and trying to find a way which will help you to combine smooth performance along with having best of security? If you have such a query then you are at the right place. As you read through you will be able to understand how our Belt Drive Garage Door Opener will make possible having such a combination.

The Qualities That Makes Us To Be The One To Have Belt Drive Garage Door Openers From

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of such garage door opener in Washington DC. The qualities that we would be talking about make us at Washington DC Garage Door to be the one to offer the best of such.

Worry-free operationIt is an assurance from us that whichever model of Belt Drive Garage Door Openers that you have from us you can expect to have a worry-free operation for years. Due to the use of best quality materials and having the installation done by our professional installers such worry-free operation can be had.

The opener would be easily installed by our professional installers within the shortest possible time and you can have an opener for your garage door combining smooth operation along with the highest standard of security in place.

Ease of operation: You will be having the best of ease operating the garage door opener that you have from us. There are some models which offer means to open the garage gate through voice recognition and use of the internet. There are few models which even offer you mean to receive alerts to close or open the gate

Best of security: Most noteworthy feature of our Belt Drive Garage Door Openers is that you can have best of security measure in place. There are security sensors which stop the door to be closed when there is an obstruction. Furthermore, the electronic device attached to the opener stops any forced entry to your garage.

Power use: In contrast to other organizations offering such garage door openers which are noisy ours are so silent that your guest sleeping above the garage would not be able to make out that the garage door is opened. You can expect to have such a silent operation using our series of 3/4 HPS Belt Drive Garage Door Opener which is professionally installed. All the garage door openers have a standby power system in case of an electrical failure.

You definitely wish to have such a garage door opener driven by a belt drive. The best way to have such at an affordable rate and to have it professionally installed is to give Washington DC Garage Door a call at (202) 683-6040.

Recognize When to Replace your Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are raised and lowered frequently and such frequent heavy lifting inevitably brings wear and tear to the garage door. Some of its moving parts are bound to breakdown eventually especially the springs. Breakage of garage door springs can be extremely dangerous as when the door is closed or opened it gets stretched which in turn puts a lot of stress upon the springs. And if the springs are old or damaged they break and fly with full force hurting anyone within the vicinity.


The only way to avoid such situation is by knowing the signs that indicate your garage door springs are getting worn down. So that you can anticipate the need for garage door spring repair and avoid any sort of emergency situation.

For recognizing that the garage door spring is going out first of all you need to identify the type of spring attached to your garage door as different springs have different mechanisms. Usually there are two types of garage door springs i.e. Torsion springs and extension springs.

In case of torsion springs to check whether they need a replacement or repair you can perform two things:

·Disengage automatic garage door opener and raise the door manually. If they stay up on their own then the springs are perfectly fine else they need to be repaired or replaced.

·Move the door to mid-level i.e. in between fully raised and fully lowered. Again if the door stays up on its own that’s good else they need a replacement or repair.

In case of extension springs although the sign of failure is the same as in the case of a torsion spring still there are few things you need to check for confirmation of spring breakage.

·Check for any gap in the coils, if found that means the steel with which the spring is made of has given up and hence the spring is unable to produce tension to move the garage door.

·Look out if the right and left side of your garage door are correctly aligned or not. This indicates that the springs are worn out.

·Again if the clips and loops show any sign of wear and tear get confirmed that there is a need for garage door spring replacement.

  Once you have recognized that garage door springs are needed to be replaced or repaired contact a trustworthy garage door spring replacement service provider to help you out.


If your garage door springs are out of order and need professional help for garage door spring replacement or garage door spring repair services in Washington DC, then count on Washington DC Garage Door.

The Reasons Why Rolling Steel Doors Are the Obvious Choice of Many

Notwithstanding by and large, being more affordable at initial purchase, Rolling Steel Doors spare cash through the span of their life expectancy. They last more, require less, more affordable repairs, and are tougher and secure than items produced using different materials. Rolling Steel Garage Doors are likewise more vitality proficient, saving money on warming and power costs consistently.


To have all these you need to follow one rule. Yes, it is good to disclose that as you want all those benefits and it is that you must have such doors from us - Yes, the Rolling Steel Doors that we offer makes possible having many other benefits and that is the reason for it to be preferred by many.




As the most vulnerable point of most structures, the security of rolling shutter doors is indispensable in decreasing the potential for harm and misfortune coming about because of burglary, fire, vandalism and an overabundance of noise and pollution etc. Steel doors manufactured and installed by us are more impenetrable than those produced using wood, fiberglass or aluminum and are better ready to give solid security and true serenity.




Fabricated to ensure against demanding conditions and outrageous climate, the versatility of our Rolling Steel Garage Doors can oppose the wear and tear of substantial activity. The utilization of specific entryway parts like corner guards gives insurance against the harm prone to happen because of overwhelming movement and everyday tasks. They can likewise be equipped with rust proof parts including spring coatings and base bars for included solidness.   




With legitimate installation and maintenance, steel doors can last for 30 years or longer as they are not susceptible to twisting, decaying, denting or breaking—regular issues with doorways produced using different materials. The top-notch primer and paint coatings utilized on our Rolling Steel Doors ensure against chipping and scratching, keeping the doors looking better more.




Our Rolling Steel Garage Doors are available in a wide assortment of sizes, styles and hues. Furthermore, fabricating improvements and advances in coating and paint items empowers customization to suit even the most novel tasteful prerequisites.


Ease to maintain


Our steel doors need zero maintenance and are effortlessly replaceable, just adding to their unwavering quality and cost-effectiveness. These doors are one of a kind in that they are chosen by many in Washington DC.


If you wish to have such benefits by using the best of Rolling Steel Garage Doors then you need to be in contact with Washington DC Garage Door. We are experts in garage door installation and provide garage door services in Washington DC. We're committed to excellence in service. That's why all of our garage door products and labor come guaranteed. It's not confidence, it's good business. You can have a free estimate by calling us at (202) 683-6040.